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MAde in the USA. Living the good life in sweden.

Writer / UX WRITER

Native English Copywriter

Voice talent


A few hats, but the goal is one: ensuring that the English communications you share with your audience are on point and compelling.

As an independent consultant, I work with brands, individuals & agencies. 


Sweden: zero 7 zero 317 9291

Elsewhere: plus 46 70 317 9291


Kathy @ Kathy Compton . com



Clients & Brands 


 From UX writing to nanotechnology to rhapsodising over paper dolls, you'll find me square in the middle and writing all about it with *just* the right % of panache. Tap on the below kissycats to see portfolio samples and more details.


Check out my contributions in book publishing as a writer and copy editor...




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Click on this kitty If you are an agency in need of a kickass writer. UX writing (LOVE), straight up copywriting. Tell me your challenge and let me write up a spell for you! Because sometimes you CAN fix it with copy:)


Voiceover Talent

I do all types of voice over assignments. I offer audio as well as copywriting & vocals combined. My voice may be described as friendly, dynamic and personal, delivered in a medium to deep range. 


Female American voice over talent. Medium to deep range. Style: dynamic, personal, friendly

Female American voice over talent. Medium to deep range. Style: dynamic, personal, friendly

Moving your dry bulk can seem like a tough task- but- it doesn't have to be...Listen to a commercial sample at here

We are proud to present these truly delicious salmon balls - a newcomer in our much loved family of Swedish meatballs, chicken meatballs and the plant-based veggie balls. The salmon balls are easy to cook and eat, and their carbon footprint is seven times lower than that of our meatballs.


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Animal Botanical

The simplest reminder that we live in a magical universe is through the  awesomeness of plants and animals. I dig 'em both hard. That kitty is Svea. In Swedish, Svea was the first queen of Sweden and signifies ruler, Sweden itself and beauty. Her eyes are the nation's colors, one yellow, one blue. I don't think a more Swedish kissycat exists. She's a dish.

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I'm in a band called Panda Transport

We're a duo that makes electro pop. I supply the jazzy vocals and lyrics and Thierry Holweck provides the rest of the magic ingredients.. Our songs have been  featured on major network tv and we've performed in both the US and Europe.  If you like Nouvelle Vague, The Bird & The Bee or Air, you should give Panda Transport a go. It's chill and as quaffable as that delicious glass of wine you remember having on that great day you'll always cherish.

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painter in training

I am learning how to paint because  learning new things is one of the best parts of living. I want to make things and live in Italy one day. I highly recommend learning at Skillshare, there's a ton of courses to choose from. Here's the link to the watercolor series.


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